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Please note: 7th July Show only will now be part of the wider Soul Session Weekend Event.  Starts 7.30pm. Day tickets available. If you just want to come for that show get in touch:

All other dates bookable as advertised. 


Deep Time is an exciting new ambient & electronic downtempo night, where guest artists/producers & I perform live sets of our ambient compositions & improvs.

Each night is uniquely & sensitively visioned.  Prepare to be taken on a relaxing & enlivening musical journey. 

The show is usually in 2 parts: one where the audience lie on yoga mats or sit on chairs, in gentle guided meditation as the music begins. Another where gentle movement is invited. But each show is a little different depending on the artist involved.

All of our artists are carefully selected & doing really interesting work in this space.


It's an intimate & magical show at the amazing Humble Hub Studio in St Leonards On Sea.


Tickets are in adv from their site : HERE

Please book early as space is limited, & it will likely sell out.  Tickets are priced on a sliding scale. Pay what you can afford/feel.

We have a new IG for the night. Follow to keep up with performer announcement & the like:

Our next 2 shows will feat the amazing Dubcestra & RTNO performing down tempo sets. & expect live shows from Knewmi, Tolga Tres & more later in the year. 

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