Welcome. I love you so much. You are super welcome to use these recordings in your own compositions. All I ask is that if you put anything out commercially with them, please donate even just a fiver to Greenpeace, or another eco charity. Feel free to tag me, or invite me to follow your work -  Id just really love to hear what you have created, & to support you.

Throughout October 2021, in the run up to the Wild Service album launch, I ran field recording workshops in London's ancient woodland, working alongside ecologists & a forest school. Kindly supported by the Arts Council. These are the results of our recording experiments.

They are the raw recordings to give you maximum creative control. Feel free to make beats, samples, for background ambience, loops, one shots, whatever you like. There's some great  moments in there. I think my fav in the surround sound fly.

Notes: One recording is in surround, another is more directional, we used tripods, zoom H4n & H2, & silent disco equipment to monitor and toggle between the recorders so that we could place them away from the group , so as to not effect the recording.

These were group field recording experiments. Enjoy!

Much love Stace xx 

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