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Wild Service Album 

Wild Service is a concept album, inspired by nature, lore, & urban mythologies. Each track relates to a different time within the wheel of the year. Stacey created many of the beats & sounds from recording experiments, & field recordings relating to ideas around these times.


For example, for the track Snowflake, Stacey recorded the sound of ice cracking and melting, & built a sampler from these sounds to make beats that reflected the time of year and story behind the song.


On Wintersocks, she made beats by recording the sound of her feet running on different surfaces in nature to the bpm of the track. 


Nick Reynolds, from The Alabama 3, played harmonica on the title track.  Wild Service was produced by Stacey, & the album was mixed by legendary producer Jon Kelly (Kate Bush, Toris Amos, Paul McCartney). For a full list of players, see the "music" page of Stacey's website.

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Stacey Cohen is a music artist, composer & producer,  from London & Snowdonia, who creates experimental Bass Folk/Folktronica. Her distinctive, quirky sound, is inspired by nature, folk music, environmentalism, spirituality & the urban music landscape. Fire side folk meets half step. 


A passionate sound hunter & producer, Stacey incorporates recording experiments, found sound, & experimental electronic elements, within her tracks, and beats, to help to convey their stories.

On Wild Service:

Martyn Ware, The Human League/Heaven 17:

“Unique, mysterious, engaging and visionary compositions showing a fertile arrangement imagination. The listener is constantly surprised in a good way, the work of a true artist”


Adam Walton, BBC Introducing:

“I've not heard anything like that before, I've heard things a bit like it, a little bit Beth Orton in the voice, as if produced by Bjork, and that’s not happened to the best of my knowledge, every aspect of that is spot on”


Ross Patel:

“What it would sound like if Maggie Rogers made a record with Massive Attack" 

Enter The Bridge Realm 

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As part of the  Wild Service album project, Stacey ran a series of collaborative, multi-generational, participatory, sound, art & ecology events in London Wild Spaces. Kindly Supported by the Arts Council. More info HERE

These culminated in a 2 night run of an immersive, interactive,  music show &  mixed media event at The Old Church Arts Centre, in Stoke Newington, entitled Enter The Bridge Realm.


It began on the way to the show. The audience were invited to find their ticket, a leaf, their leaf. To present at the gate, crossing the first of a series of portals. Beginning a journey of connection to nature and people, where the audience  zoomed further and further in towards the nature realms before zooming back out again from the mid point of the musical journey. 


Entering the interactive grave garden, they were invited to use their leaf to unlock the next stage, before finding their tribe, and embarking upon a choose-your-own -adventure journey into the Bridge Realm. The place  between the world of the nature spirits and our own world.

Once in the bridge realm, Stacey took the audience on a powerful journey around the wheel of the year. Followed by after party sets from DJ Loki. 



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