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Stacey Cohen is a genre defying music artist/producer & visual artist from the UK.  Her unique sound blends soulful, ethereal vocals with lush soundscapes, intricate melodies & killer drums & bass. Her inimitable voice touches the heart. Her productions captivates the senses, seamlessly blending electronic textures with organic instrumentation. 

Stace has played countless venues & festivals across the UK, leaving audiences spellbound. Her live performances are characterised by their hypnotic energy. Her work has been featured on BBC Introducing on a number of occasions & on radio worldwide. Recently she has been working on a new album; alongside co-creating music for a short film Round Robin

Stacey's latest release "War On Love" came out on Feb 2nd 2024. It is the first single for her forthcoming album "Garden Of Your Heart".  "War On Love" is a beauiful, emotionally arresting & powerful song. It embraces  Stacey's signature style of storytelling through both lyrically & electronically driven music. Powerfully combining elements of Experimental Bass Music with Folktronica. With the addition of beautiful string and choral arrangements.


In 2021 Stacey released a nature inspired concept album Wild Service with support from The Arts Council, in a series of IRL immersive nature themed events, & audio visual live shows in London. The album blends elements of folk, electronica, and experimental sounds, creating a mesmerising sonic landscape that transports listeners to new realms. With thought-provoking lyrics and enchanting melodies, Stacey's music resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impression on those who experience it.


Martyn Ware, The Human League/Heaven 17: “Unique, mysterious, engaging and visionary compositions showing a fertile arrangement imagination. The listener is constantly surprised in a good way, the work of a true artist”

Adam Walton, BBC Introducing:  “I've not heard anything like that before, I've heard things a bit like it, a little bit Beth Orton in the voice, as if produced by Bjork, and that’s not happened to the best of my knowledge, every aspect of that is spot on”

Ross Patel, UMA : "What it would sound like if Maggie Rogers made a record with Massive Attack" 

Ryan Martin, Jammerzine: "Wild Service immerses the listener into another realm of possibilities with an orchestra of sound soloed by a truly angelic and harmonic voice that lay between modern classic and post-modern epic."

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