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On Wild Service: 


Martyn Ware, The Human League/Heaven 17:

“Unique, mysterious, engaging and visionary compositions showing a fertile arrangement imagination. The listener is constantly surprised in a good way, the work of a true artist”


Adam Walton, BBC Introducing:

“I've not heard anything like that before, I've heard things a bit like it, a little bit Beth Orton in the voice, as if produced by Bjork, and that’s not happened to the best of my knowledge, every aspect of that is spot on”


Ross Patel:

“What it would sound like if Maggie Rogers made a record with Massive Attack" 



Wild Service is a concept album  mixed by Jon Kelly, mastered by Emre Ramazanoglu & produced by Stacey Cohen.

Mike Cohen: Piano Wild Swimming, Willow Willow & Goodie & Baddies.

Sean Hargreaves: Piano The Tower.

Ed Cross: Bass hardware most tracks, & bass Wild Swimming.

Craig Price: Lead guitar end solo Wild Service.

Nick Reynolds from Alabama 3: Harmonica  Wild Service.

Henry Horrell: Violin and arps  Winter Socks.

Andy Lewis: Violin  Willow Willow.

Zac DeSantos: Viola  Willow Willow.

Stephen Jenkins: Assisted guitar re-amps, & banged on beer tanks in a brewery to make percs for Wild Service.

Callum Watts & Stefan Gramunt engineered vocals.

Tim Lenkiewicz and Hannah V contributed songwriting tweaks Wild Swimming & The Tower.

Jon Kelly perc programming  Wild Swimming.

Backing & gang vocals Wild Service & Willow Willow: Minx, Maria Rojaz, Chiara Oldanado, Ofure Faith, Veira, Gaea Knight, Merhnoosh Lewis, Andy Lewis, James Sandford & Rebecca Lauren.

Stacey Cohen: Songwriting, production, lyrics, lead vocals, recording experiments, guitars, guitar fx, synths, subs, piano, field recordings.

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