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Electronic Press Kit for "War on Love" 
Release Date: February 2nd, 2024

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Stacey Cohen

Artist Overview

Stacey Cohen is a genre defying experimental music artist & producer from the UK.  Her unique sound blends soulful, ethereal vocals with lush soundscapes, intricate melodies & killer drums & bass. Her inimitable voice touches the heart. Her work has been featured on BBC Introducing on a number of occasions.


In 2021 Stacey released a nature inspired concept album Wild Service with support from The Arts Council, in a series of highly creative & immersive IRL nature themed events, & audio visual live shows in London. The album blends elements of folk, electronica, and experimental sounds, creating a mesmerising sonic landscape that transports listeners to new realms. With thought-provoking lyrics and enchanting melodies. On Wild Service:


Martyn Ware, The Human League/Heaven 17: “Unique, mysterious, engaging and visionary compositions showing a fertile arrangement imagination. The listener is constantly surprised in a good way, the work of a true artist”


Adam Walton, BBC Introducing:  “I've not heard anything like that before, I've heard things a bit like it, a little bit Beth Orton in the voice, as if produced by Bjork, and that’s not happened to the best of my knowledge, every aspect of that is spot on”

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About the Release: "War on Love"

"War on Love", released on February 2nd, 2024, on Indie label Tangential, is an emotionally arresting & powerful new track. It embraces artist-producer Cohen’s signature style of storytelling through both lyrically & electronically driven music.

Combining elements of Experimental Bass Music with Folktronica; with the addition of beautiful string and choral arrangements.

A captivating first release from her forthcoming album 'Garden of Your Heart’. The album is loosely themed around the effects of advertising, propaganda and cultural gaslighting upon the human psyche and action.  It's about questioning & breaking through the hypnosis of cultural conditioning, to create more authentic, greener, enlivened, healthier, abundant &  love based realities and futures for all.

"War On Love" is about the war for our mind. The track features lush string arrangements by Ben Dawson. And a rousing choir of singers aged between 2 and 73 years of age,  itself a comment on how the music industry and wider society gaslights us with ageist narratives. 

Stacey created snare sounds for the track from field recordings made at the pirate themed crazy golf on Hastings seafront. And percussive sound design from her son beat boxer Rhys's mouth percussion.

Press Track Link : HERE

Single Cover for War on Love, there is a girl holding a broken heart balloon walking away from the ruins of a broken world
Stacey Cohen holding a guitar , playing music in The Old Church venue in London


Stacey is of English, Lithuanian Jewish, Welsh & Uruguayan Heritage, and draws on a wide range of influences in her music.


She has a love of traditional English Folk Music, alternative culture, & raving, as well as a dedication to maintaining a playful and experimental approach towards music making.

She began her professional musical journey as an acoustic folk singer and songwriter in the mountains of Snowdonia; playing solo and in bands and on the UK festival scene. Before returning to London to study and immerse herself in digital music production.


She creates music that loosely fits within the ‘Folktronica’ or ‘Indietronica’ genres. Learning to combine her love of storytelling through Folk ballad with Cinematic Trip Hop & Electronic Bass Music. Music that she dubbed "Bass Folk".


In 2019/20 Stacey completed a Masters in Songwriting and Music Production, at Tileyard in Kings Cross, where she was fortunate enough to be mentored by legendary producer Jon Kelly (Kate Bush).


Jon went on to mix her last album release; and they have co-written a wonderful song called "Loadstar" for her forthcoming album "Garden of Your Heart"  with Julia Fabrin from Dolores Forever. 

In 2023 Stacey  co-created and produced music for the short film Round Robin . Mixed music for a short animation and did session top lining for dance music alongside working on her latest album.


Live Performance

Stacey is known for her captivating live shows, characterised by a genuine connection with the audience.


Her shows are not just musical sets, but immersive, multimedia art adventures that uplift the audience and take them on a transformational journey.


Blending music with visual arts and playful connecting concepts. 

Crowd dancing and cheering Stacey Cohen gig Old Church
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